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How To Negotiate Buying a Used Car

If you are wondering how to buy a good used car in Dubai, read on!

Is it even worth buying a used car over a new one?

When you are out shopping for a vehicle, there is one very good reason to buy used cars compared to the new ones. New cars will depreciate about 10% the moment it leaves the lot and another 20% in its first year. After three years, an average car is worth around 60% of what it was when new. This might sound depressing for the original buyer and owner of the car, but it's a no-brainer for the prudent used car buyer, possibly you!

A model around three years older will likely still be under the manufacturer's warranty, and unless it has been abused, it is likely to offer many years of good service. This creates new buying opportunities for savvy car shoppers that know how to negotiate used car prices. Getting a new car may offer you a better deal financially than buying a new one because of the depreciation values.

How to haggle buying a used car?

To make sure you get the best deal while buying a new car, you must do everything you may before physically going to buy a car. This means you must research what makes and models you are interested in and how much they cost on average.

Begin Online:

The best way to negotiate to buy a used car is to start your search online and have enough knowledge of what's out there.

  • Search up different cars that interest you and check out their reviews

  • Make a list of all the cars that fit your budget that you might want to buy

  • Understand the average price of each, and make sure to confirm the regional spec of the car

Dig Deeper:

There might be a number of cars out there, and this might be overwhelming. The good news is, you just need that one perfect car at the right price.

  • Look at the descriptions carefully and try to find hints like "Selling for a friend/family member" or "urgent sale". You have a higher chance of getting a lower price

  • Look for a poorly crafted ad. Ads with irrelevant titles or unprofessional photos are less likely to get any views/leads

  • Add the most interesting ones to your favorites, so you can easily find them again

Contact The Seller:

Now it's time to contact the seller and know about the car in detail.

  • Ring the seller up and ask about details that aren't mentioned in the ad (if any). Ask him/her about its condition and make a note of these points.

  • Give them an offer that is slightly lower than what they are asking. Make sure not to offer something too low, as they might lose interest in selling it to you

  • Set up a time and tell the seller clearly that they should be open to giving a further discount in case there are other issues that have not been mentioned. Sellers would usually accept this

  • Book a pre-purchase car inspection with BeSoji and wait for the report. Once you know of all the shortcomings in the car, it's now time to make a final offer

  • Mention clearly about approximately how much it would cost you to fix the faults, and that it should be adjusted in the price of the car. If you are paying cash for the car instead of buying it via auto loan, you have a much higher chance to close

All this is too much work, is there another way?

Yes, there always is! BeSoji provides clients with a service called "Buy A Car For Me", which is sweet and simple. Just tell us which car you are looking for, and we'll scour the car market for the ideal one. We find the top 3 cars in the market and provide you with a Comprehensive Inspection Report for each, so you know exactly what you are buying. We also negotiate on your behalf, so you don't need to. It doesn't stop there, though. We help you register the car and provide you with the best insurance policy your car deserves.

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