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Where to Take a Used Car for Inspection

As you may know, a car has more than 300,000 parts. When purchasing a used car, one of the most crucial steps is getting a thorough pre-purchase inspection. This inspection can uncover hidden issues and give you a clear picture of the vehicle's condition before making a buying decision. However, choosing the right place for this inspection is equally important. From trusted mechanics to specialized inspection services, there are various options available. In this article, we'll explore where you should take a used car for an inspection to ensure a comprehensive assessment and peace of mind in your buying journey.

Independent Mechanic

An independent mechanic who preferably specialises in the platform you intend on purchasing can give you an in-depth analysis of the car, owing to their experience and knowledge of the car. It can be a cost-effective method as well, depending on the shop. The lower cost, though, comes with drawbacks.

It is very common for these shops to employ shady practices and overcharge you for any work needed for the car or could blow small issues out of proportion. Sometimes, they are also affiliated with dealerships and can hide flaws with the car that are major red flags in order to fool you into buying it. In the event that you find these flaws yourself after the purchase, they would be happy to take your money to fix said flaws.

Dealership or Agency

The official dealership that originally sold the car brand new will be able to conduct a multi-point inspection. They can even verify if the car has been serviced at the dealership and fix any issues that the car may have for an additional fee. In the same way that you, as the customer, expect top-tier service from them, they expect a top-tier car, i.e. a flawless GCC spec car that was sold through that dealer. Other regional specs or cars with major issues will not get the same treatment since there's less in it for them. Ultimately, getting this process done through a dealership involves needlessly jumping through multiple hoops for something that is ultimately not lucrative to most dealers, so don't expect the best work from them.

Used Car Inspection Service

These are services solely dedicated to conducting pre-purchase inspections on used cars. They have a great deal of experience in all types of cars and are the closest you can get to the factory in terms of thoroughness. Some even offer to come to the seller's location and undertake the inspection then and there.

One such service is BeSoji, which offers a comprehensive 420-point inspection of any car, including a test drive, with a VIN check alongside a history check of the car to see if it's been exported from a foreign country. All of this is done by experienced professionals who are committed to bringing you the utmost transparency at affordable prices. Not to mention the benefits of doing the inspection wherever it may be needed, offering an unmatched level of convenience.


Buying a used car shouldn't involve any more effort than what you need to put in. That is where BeSoji comes in, offering a 420-point inspection along with a VIN and history check, giving you transparency and convenience that is second to none. All of this at any location, with results delivered in little to no time. Contact us today to find out more!

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