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The Most Advanced Full Car Inspection At Seller's Location.
Paint Condition & Accident History Included. Instant Report!

For as low as   350AED, you can purchase a car with confidence!


420+ Point Inspection


Instant Report After Inspection

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Photos Of Every Fault

We Cover All Regional Specifications & Check Their VIN History













  • Detailed car inspection, test drive & consultation with our expert.

    1 hr 30 min

    From 510 UAE dirhams
  • Basic car inspection at seller's location. Undercarriage not included.

    1 hr

    350 UAE dirhams

✓ Inspection At Seller's Location
✓ Accident History
✓ Computer Diagnostic Test
✓ Electrical System
✓ Brake System & Rims
✓ Interior Features & Condition
✓ Exterior Paint Condition
✓ Photos of faults
✓ Instant report

Comprehensive Inspection Extras:
+ Engine
+ Transmission
+ Chassis Condition Report
+ Under Body Examination
+ Rims, Tires, Suspension
+ Test Drive (If permitted by seller)

+ CarFax/RTA Check (If requested)

✓ Inspection At Seller's Location
✓ Accident History
✓ Computer Diagnostic Test
✓ Electrical System
✓ Brake System & Rims
✓ Interior Features & Condition
✓ Exterior Paint Condition
✓ Photos of faults
✓ Instant report


Uncover all information about GCC & USA Spec cars such as previous flaws, sale history, photos, and more!

*Additional charge will apply on checkout
*Owner's permission must be acquired prior to booking
*RTA history only available for cars registered in the emirate of Dubai
*CarFax history only available for USA-Spec cars

Our Superior Report Explained

With BeSoji's report, you're choosing a level of precision that makes us stand out. Our thorough inspection process takes 1.5 hours, offering a depth of detail that exceeds the industry standard of 45 minutes. Our reports are designed to look concise, but cover an extensive 320+ point inspection, ensuring they provide you with comprehensive information that's easy to grasp. We take pride in being committed solely to ensuring your car-buying experience is safe and reliable, unlike rest who treat inspections as mere add-ons. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Vehicle Summary

The Vehicle Summary section of our report offers a quick snapshot of your car's essential details, including make, model, year, and VIN. It's the starting point for understanding your vehicle's history and condition.

This section may also highlight certain crucial findings of the report, as well as the results of the test drive.

Engine Findings

In the Engine Section, our experienced team lifts the vehicle for a more thorough inspection. With thousands of cars inspected, our experts are well-versed in identifying common issues, ensuring no stone is left unturned. We assess critical components, from engine mounts and leaks to liquid levels and undercarriage, providing you with a detailed and reliable evaluation of your vehicle's engine health.

Fault Photos

Our commitment to transparency shines through in every aspect of our inspection process, including fault documentation. For every fault we discover throughout the report, we capture high-resolution fault photos, ensuring you have a crystal-clear view of the issues. This added visual dimension empowers you with an in-depth understanding of your vehicle's condition, making informed decisions about its maintenance and repair easier than ever.

Transmission Findings

Our thorough inspection extends to the critical transmission system of your vehicle. We meticulously assess various aspects, including fluid level and condition, gear selector, gear shifting, and noise analysis. By examining these key elements, we provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your transmission system's health

Electrical System Findings

Within the Electronic Systems section, our inspection goes beyond the ordinary to meticulously evaluate every button and electronic component in your vehicle. From the functionality of the external lamps to the operation of the entertainment system, center console buttons, and door locking mechanisms, we leave no switch unturned. We're not just looking for the obvious; our experts delve into the finer details, ensuring that even features like the soft closing doors, parking sensors, and window controls are thoroughly examined. What sets us apart is our commitment to a level of scrutiny that many others overlook. 

Brakes, Suspension & Rims

In this section, we uncover the essential drivetrain components that ensure your car's safety and performance. Our thorough inspection extends beyond the obvious to reveal critical details, such as worn-out brake pads and rusty discs that demand replacement. While some areas may pass with flying colors, others require immediate attention, like leaking front shock absorbers. Our dedication to examining each facet of your vehicle's braking, suspension, and tyres sets us apart.

Tire Condition & Age

As you may know, tires can cost north of 4,000AED. In this section, we disclose the tire manufacturing date and their overall condition, providing valuable insights into their remaining lifespan. Plus, we meticulously inspect for any premature wear, such as cracks or dryness, that might warrant your attention. With this in-depth tire assessment, you can make an informed decision about potential replacements or factor tire costs.

Interior Findings

We thoroughly assess the car's interior, paying special attention to key areas like the upholstery, dashboard, armrests, and steering wheel. We meticulously inspect for any signs of wear and tear, cracks, or scratches, ensuring you're fully aware of the interior's condition before making your purchase. Additionally, we go the extra mile to check for valuable service history and user manuals, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the car's maintenance and upkeep.

Accidents & Paint Condition

In this section, we evaluate the car's exterior for scratches, dents, repainted panels, and any signs of fading. What sets us apart is our ability to distinguish between accident-related repaints and cosmetic touch-ups. This means you'll gain invaluable insights into whether the car has a history of accidents or if any panel underwent minor touch-ups due to cosmetic imperfections. 

Visual Chassis Findings

If there are any signs of previous accidents, we provide detailed information about the extent of the damage and repairs. We also examine frame rust and rustproofing status. Our unique approach includes visually inspecting the chassis and subframe, particularly in areas prone to accidents, setting us apart from the competition. We provide high-resolution photographic evidence to clearly illustrate any concerns. 

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Diagnostic Test & Odometer Roll Back

For diagnostic tests, we use the LAUNCH computer system, the gold standard in diagnostics. By interfacing with the OBD port, we delve deep into your vehicle's intricate network. Our diagnostic report doesn't miss a beat, scrutinizing every sensor, wiring harness connection, and hardware component. But it doesn't stop there; this advanced system even has the power to flag potential odometer rollbacks.

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