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Extended Car Warranty

You can't put a price on your family's safety and security on the road. BeSoji is on a mission to enable car owners and buyers to own a used car with complete peace of mind.

We Cover All Regional Specifications

GCC car warranty


american car warranty


european car warranty


japanese car warranty


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extended car warranty

Drive With Absolute Peace Of Mind

An Extended Warranty from BeSoji protects you from expensive surprises.

car extended warranty

Without Coverage

With BeSoji

engine warranty


16,000 AED


transmission warranty


12,000 AED


Air Conditioning

6,000 AED



Our comprehensive coverage on pre-owned vehicles can cover major components of your vehicle including:

  • Engine

  • Transmission – Manual and Automatic & CVT

  • Torque Converter

  • Differential

  • Steering System

  • Suspension – Front, Rear and 4×4

  • Turbo Charger (factory fitted)

  • Electrical (ECU) /Technology

  • Engine Cooling System

  • Air conditioning

  • Fuel system

  • Brakes and ABS

  • Prop Shaft

extended car warranty dubai

Brands We Cover

lamborghini car warranty
mclaren car warranty
ferrari car warranty
bentley car warranty
rolls royce car warranty
bugatti car warranty
Maserati car warranty
jaguar car warranty
volswagen car warranty
fiat car warranty
aston martin car warranty
alpha romeo car warranty
porsche car warranty
mercedes car warranty
bmw car warranty
range rover car warranty
alpina car warranty
audi car warranty
cadillac warranty
dodge warranty
ford extended warranty
gmc warranty
chevrolet warranty
toyota warranty
lexus warranty
nissan warranty
infiniti warranty
honda warranty
extended car warranty dubai

Opinions Matter

"Finally, I can buy a car from Europe and still fall back on a warranty in case something goes wrong. Highly recommended."

—  Ramzi Al Banna

(Maserati Ghibli)

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