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How To Check If Your Car Has A Recall

Updated: Feb 7

It's always helpful to make an conscious effort to check if your car has a recall. Car recalls may happen a lot more often than you may realize, and often car dealers may not notify the owners.

Even when automakers do send out recall alerts to their owners, the message might not reach you for a number of reasons, such as not having your details because you bought a used car from the first owner and dealers did not update their database.

So how to check car recall?

Following are a few steps that you can perform to carry out vehicle safety recall checks:

Locate your VIN

Your unique 17 digit vehicle ID number of the VIN may be found in many places on your vehicle. Think of it as the vehicle's serial number. By law, all vehicles built in 1981 onwards have their VIN printed behind the lowers side corner of the driver's side of the windshield. You may also find the VIN on your car registration or insurance card or over the placard on the driver's door jamb.

If you would like to avoid typing all the letters and numbers, there are several third-party apps that you can find on iOS and Android to scan your vehicle's bar code. Most of these apps will also let you know all about the vehicle's specifications and maintenance history (USA & Canada Only).

Check Recall On GCC-Spec. Vehicles

If your vehicle is of GCC Specification, you can easily see the recall history by finding your car make in the list below and entering your VIN number on their website.













If you own a US-Spec Vehicle, Check NHTSA's database

The US government is working with carmakers to report, track and share the recalls using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The first step you have to do is check out the federal agency recall page and enter your VIN. If nothing comes up, you are good.

Schedule a service with your dealer

Recall work may be performed at the local dealership you have simply by fixing an appointment. Some recalls are a lot more urgent than others, but you must not wait to complete this work. The dealer may even arrange to get your vehicle towed in a few cases if the matter is highly serious. No matter the type or extent of this recall, all repair work is done at no cost to you, being the owner of the car.

It is always important that you make sure to check if your car has a recall, as this will help you enjoy safer and problem-free rides on your car without any issue happening to you or your vehicle. If you wish to inspect or buy a used car in UAE, you are already in the best place.

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