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Seven Reasons to Buy an American Spec Car in the UAE

american spec car in dubai

Low prices often lead buyers to explore options outside the UAE, which may lead them to find an American spec car. Is it worth pursuing? In this article, we look at seven reasons why considering an American spec car is not such a bad idea.

1. Lower Costs Associated with American Spec Cars In UAE

Due to affordable repair costs and low import duties imposed by the UAE, cars imported from the US end up costing much less than they would if they were to be purchased locally from a dealership. If the car is already sold in the UAE, you end up saving a great amount of money on the initial purchase price. Finally, you can buy that car you've been eyeing back in your home country!

2. Familiarity

Due to the worldwide popularity of American cars, there is a familiarity and reputation already present for brands such as Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. These brands have a presence in the UAE, and also have various garages that know their way around these cars as well, providing peace of mind to buyers who decide to import their cars from the United States.

3. Special Versions of Certain Cars

Certain cars were deemed to be not viable for the GCC market. There could be many reasons for this, ranging from feasibility, lack of demand, or the target market being too small. Cars like the Honda Civic Si, Hyundai Elantra Sport, Suzuki Swift Sport, Ford Focus RS and Toyota GR Corolla are some examples of certain model trims that were never sold in the UAE.

4. Forbidden Fruit

As a further extension to the previous point, there are quite a few cars that were simply never brought here but were sold in the US. The added desirability of these cars means that they are highly sought after, which can justify importing one. Cars in this category include the Toyota GR86, Honda NSX, Ford Fiesta ST and the Honda Integra Type R.

5. More Options and Features

Cars in the US often come standard with many luxury features that are either only available in higher trims. Alongside this, there are often times many powertrain combinations that are unavailable (Ford Bronco’s base engine with a manual transmission) here due to lack of demand. The higher amount of choice in the American market allows buyers to find a car more tailored to their wants and needs.

6. Higher Safety Standards

The US has stringent safety and emissions laws that all new cars sold there must adhere to, which are often absent in the UAE. This reassures buyers about the safety, durability and reliability of the cars they buy. Additionally, numerous recalls are issued to cars regarding issues that could cause major problems in the future. Getting a car that has had these recalls addressed can lead to a car that ends up being safer and less problematic than a GCC spec car.

7. Spare Parts Availability

Due to their popularity, American spec cars generally have good spare parts availability. Cars like the Camry would share mostly the same parts globally to keep costs down, but special versions like the aforementioned cars will give you a harder time when it comes to spare parts.

Is an American Spec Car Something You Should Buy in UAE?

With all the above in mind, should you buy an American Apec car? That depends on how much you're effort willing to put in and what kind of car you're looking for. It may look like sunshine and roses, but the reality is that finding a good example of an American Spec car in Dubai (i.e. not a salvage title) is easier said than done. If you're willing to go through the paperwork associated with the process of importing it yourself, and are after something so rare that it justifies all the time required to find it, then it could definitely be a valid option. For the rest of the people who see a tempting deal for an American Spec Car in a classified listing, check out this article which tells you why you should probably stay away.

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