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How to check a car's accident history in UAE

You're eyeing a car to buy and want to know its accident history before you can commit your hard-earned money. It's always smart to do some background checks, and this article is going to teach you how to do it the correct way.


Step 1: Locate the VIN Number (Also known as the chassis number)

VIN Number location
The lower dashboard (the driver's side) (1)
VIN Number location
The metal label on the front driver's-side doorjamb (2)

What does it look like, and what does it mean?

vin number check

Step 2: Use the VIN Number To Find History

American-Spec Car Accident History:

Companies like CarFax and AutoCheck gather information from insurance companies, police departments, auction houses and DMVs to piece together a history on as many cars as possible. These aggregators are based in USA, and provide insights on American-Spec vehicles. You must also note that there is a payable service fee before you can acquire this information. Buy a USA VIN History for 85% cheaper than buying directly from their website!

GCC-Spec Car Accident History:

  • Abu Dhabi & Northern Emirates: There is a single governmental portal that does allow you to search for accident history, but this is known to be less reliable than the aforementioned services. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) allows car buyers to search a car's history in UAE and highlights any accidents that may have occurred. This history is retrieved through insurance claims, but only provides a basic idea of the seriousness of the damage.

  • Dubai: When you're in Dubai and considering buying a car, BeSoji is here to simplify the process. We've teamed up with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to offer you a comprehensive report on the car you're interested in. Our report includes ownership history, mileage details, any issues, and more, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. With BeSoji, it's easy to get all the information you need before buying a car in Dubai.

Japan-Spec Car Accident History:

When you're eyeing a Japanese vehicle and eager to uncover its detailed history through a VIN check or delve into the specifics listed on an auction sheet, BeSoji is your go-to source. We've established a valuable partnership in Japan to provide you with an all-encompassing report. Our report includes comprehensive VIN checks and thorough analysis of auction sheets, ensuring you have access to the complete background of the vehicle you're interested in. With BeSoji, you'll have the knowledge and insights needed to make a well-informed decision when it comes to purchasing a Japanese vehicle.

BeSoji Car Accident History & Inspection Report:

Current is better than history! A BeSoji inspection report can give you far more transparency than any history service out there. That's because we aren't limited to specific data centers. Instead, we inspect the car in real-time and share the current condition of the car. Our report includes accident history, chassis condition report, computer diagnostic test as well as the mechanical condition of the car.

besoji paint condition report
chassis condition report

Our inspection only costs 275 AED and takes place at the seller's location!

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