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Everything you need to know about Pre-Purchase Inspections In Dubai

How Much Does A Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost?

Pre-purchase inspections have been around for a very long time. However, BeSoji was the first company to provide a mobile pre-purchase inspection at the seller's location. The cost of a car inspection can range from as low as 100AED all the way to 2,000AED depending on where you take the car and how professional they are when it comes to the brand you are looking to inspect. However, price isn't the only deciding factor when choosing the right PPI company. Many of them count on other services in-house to make more money from the clients. For example, they may inspect the car for a low price and offer to repair it for you. This might not be an ethical approach because it might incline the inspector to find or exaggerate faults that may not even be there in the first place. BeSoji charges a flat-fee of 549AED and we regularly have discounts on our website. Our inspectors are trained by governmental car inspection brands and have dealt with all types of car makes and models.

What does a pre-purchase inspection cover?

There is no standard process for a pre-purchase inspection, every store could have a different process. But the following areas are inspected during this process:

- Engine

- Transmission

- Suspension

- Diagnostic Computer Test

- Tires

- Frame

- Glass

- Lights

- Brakes

- Radiator

- Belts

- Hoses

- Fluids


- Car-specific Features

- Paint Condition & Accident History

- Service History (if available)

-Body Condition

-Exterior Surfaces

In addition to checking the above areas, the mechanic will also test drive your car to make sure it is running properly and to identify any other major issues. The inspection itself can take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the number of issues present on the car.

Why should you inspect before purchasing a car?

If the car you are buying is not certified by the pre-owned unit, it is usually recommended that you have the inspection done. Certified pre-owned cars usually go through a rigorous inspection process required by the manufacturer, so they are less likely to have problems.

However, if you are buying a used car from a private dealer, an individual, or an authorized dealer that doesn't offer a warranty, you will need to get it inspected before buying it. This inspection may cost you $100 or even $200, but it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run if the problems go unnoticed. This examination is valuable in every way. You don't want to buy someone else's problems, the majority of people sell their car because it has too many faults that you really do not want to deal with.

You should contact a professional inspector like who will handle everything for you. Besides giving you greater confidence in the car, inspecting for faults will give you a better understanding of all its parts and mechanics.

Buying a used car means knowing the vehicle's history, checking for rust or paint damage, checking under the hood, checking the tires, and exploring the interior electronics. It is possible for you to inspect the exterior of a car even if you are inexperienced. However, all other things that give you deeper insight into your car need to be examined by a mechanic you trust.

If you are in UAE and looking for a quality used car, let inspect it for you.


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