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Tesla Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Experience peace of mind with our Tesla Inspection Service. Trust our certified technicians for a thorough Pre Purchase Tesla Inspection. We assess every aspect, from condition to performance, providing valuable insights.
Tailored for discerning buyers, we uphold the brand's prestige. At BeSoji, our mission is to help you own your next Tesla with confidence. Invest in your aspiration – schedule your Tesla Inspection today!


420+ Point Inspection


Instant Report After Inspection

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Photos Of Every Fault

BeSoji's 420+ Point Tesla Pre Purchase Car Inspection Checklist


Engine & Undercarriage

We lift up the vehicle onsite and carefully look for any oil leaks, damages and wear. We validate everything is checked properly with the help of the checklist built into our system. 


Transmission & Liquids

We then inspect the transmission for leaks, wear or irregularities. These checks require special tools & a trained eye. We take photos of any faults we find.


Chassis Condition

With the use of specialized inspection cameras, we scrutinise the structural integrity of the vehicle. We've seen a fair share of lemons!


Suspension & Brakes

We inspect the suspension and brake systems to ensure a safe, comfortable ride for you and your family. Our checks are comprehensive and detailed.


Accident / Paint Condition 

We use special tools to reveal any prior damage or repaint jobs on the car. Add our RTA background history report for the extra peace of mind! Ownership history included!

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Interior Features

Our inspection covers the interior down to the last detail. From checking each button's functionality to spotting wear and cigarette marks, we leave no stone unturned.

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Electrical Diagnostic Test

Our advanced diagnostic computer test scans your vehicle's electronic systems to identify any hidden issues or malfunctions.


Mileage Tampering

We examine the vehicle and any information we can find for any signs of tampering to ensure the mileage on the vehicle is genuine.


*Additional charge will apply on checkout
*Owner's permission must be acquired prior to booking
*RTA history only available for cars registered in the emirate of Dubai
*CarFax history only available for USA-Spec cars

Uncover all information about GCC & USA Spec cars such as previous flaws, sale history, photos, and more!

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Model 3 | Model Y | Model X | Model S

Starting From


1hr 30 minutes

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  Comprehensive Car Inspection 

Our most detailed report! Includes test drive & consultation with our expert!

✓ Inspection At Seller's Location
✓ Accident History
✓ Computer Diagnostic Test
✓ Electrical System
✓ Brake System & Rims
✓ Interior Features & Condition
✓ Exterior Paint Condition
✓ Photos of faults
✓ Instant report

Additional Features:
+ Engine
+ Transmission
+ Chassis Condition Report
+ Under Body Examination
+ Rims, Tires, Suspension
+ Test Drive (If permitted by seller)

+ CarFax/RTA Check (If requested)

Customised For:

Pre Purchase Car Inspection By Brand

  Basic Car Inspection 

Starting From


45 minutes

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Basic Car Inspection, undercarriage not included.

✓ Inspection At Seller's Location
✓ Accident History
✓ Computer Diagnostic Test
✓ Electrical System
✓ Brake System & Rims
✓ Interior Features & Condition
✓ Exterior Paint Condition
✓ Photos of faults
✓ Instant report

Customised For: 

Pre Purchase Car Inspection By Brand




Choosing BeSoji for your Tesla inspection is an unbeatable choice for discerning Tesla owners. Our in-depth process takes 90 minutes, allowing our seasoned experts to delve into your Tesla's specifics, a unique offering compared to the industry standard of 45 minutes. With over 3,500 cars inspected, including numerous Teslas, we provide real-time, detailed reports complete with photographs of any faults and estimated repair costs. Run by car enthusiasts, BeSoji offers you a personalised consultation to discuss the vehicle's condition, giving you full clarity and peace of mind. Experience a premium Tesla inspection service that understands the brand's unique intricacies.

Paul Spargo

I’ve used BeSoji twice now and both times found them fast and reliable. They communicated well about the strengths and weaknesses of both cars, and suggested things I should check with the owner / garage. The reports are thorough, clear and came through within immediately after the inspection. Highly recommend Kashif and the team. At the end of the day, buying any used car is a risk, but it’s a lot less risky with the BeSoji report.


Nick Webley

This is an excellent service. I had them check a car for me as I’m in the U.K. and it was worth every penny.. Great value for what they provide.


Ahad Amir

Great service by Shameem & the team. The pre purchase inspection helped me a great deal in negotiate the car price.👍🏻



I have used these guys 3 times in the past week while looking for used Jeep. They have provided a great service with detailed reports and also explained the findings in a none technical way to a car novice like myself. Their communication though
WhatsApp was excellent and unlike other similar companies the booking process online is very simple.
The inspector, Shameem has done a great job and I would highly recommend.


Andy Scott

They carried out a very thorough inspection of the car and took pictures of all the faults.
It was so thorough that even the car dealer was impressed by the level of detail in the report. 
I used the information in the report to negotiate a different price, so the inspection was well worth the cost.

I will definitely use them for a pre-purchase inspection for my next car.


Muhammad Raza

Amazing service! Real professional people. The owner is very knowledgeable. If you have a car you care about, this is the place to get it checked and maintained.


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