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Accident History Inspection (190-Points)

Online resources are not accurate for accident history, this physical inspection is all you need.

What's Included

Online resources often fall short when it comes to providing a comprehensive accident history for GCC cars. That's where our Accident History Inspection comes in. This specialized 190-point inspection is designed to give you a detailed understanding of the vehicle's current cosmetic condition. Our thorough exterior examination covers the chassis and subframe condition, identifies minor vs. major accidents, checks for dents, scratches, and faded panels, and assesses the front and rear windscreen condition. On the interior, we inspect the overall condition and ensure all features are functioning properly. This inspection is ideal for those who want to know the true cosmetic state of a vehicle. ✓ Inspection At Seller's Location ✓ Exterior Paint Condition ✓ Chassis Condition Report ✓ Accident History ✓ Electrical System ✓ Interior Features & Condition ✓ Photos of faults ✓ Instant report ​ Not Included: - Engine Check - Transmission - Suspension - Rims, Tires Condition - Under Body Examination - Flooding & Visual Rust - Computer Diagnostic Test - Brake System & Rims For a more in-depth look at the car's mechanical health, we recommend opting for our comprehensive inspection service.

  • 45 min
  • From 275 UAE dirhams
  • Customer's Place

Contact Details


Head Office BeSoji Mobile Pre Purchase Inspection, In5 Innovation Centre - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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