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How To Get a Pre Purchase Inspection In Dubai

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Car inspections have been around from a very long time, pretty much in the late 1880s when cars were invented to be exact. Before we get into how you should get a car inspection done, we'll first help you understand if car inspections are right for you.

Is a pre purchase inspection right for me?

Depending on the cost of the car, you might be qualified enough to make up your own mind given the risk. Some cars usually come with a warranty that will cover you in case something were to go wrong. However, you must confirm from the agency if the warranty is transferrable before you actually commit to buy. Furthermore, newer cars have lots of electronics and management systems that can effectively tell you the condition of the car. You must have a diagnostic tool to see what is right and wrong in the car.

A pre purchase inspection might be right for you if:

  • You’re no expert in cars and do not have a diagnostic tester to check

  • You’d like an educated second opinion

  • It’s a bigger investment than you’re typically used to making

  • The model of car is renowned for a specific problem

  • The vehicle is much further away than you’d like to travel

  • You're getting a good deal but feel like it's too good to be true

What does a pre purchase inspection consist of?

The critical factor when choosing someone to carry out an inspection is to be sure of precisely what you’re getting.

If you select an inspection, bought the car and you find several issues that weren’t detectable at the time, you’re going to feel pretty disappointed. Many garages may promise to inspect a car for you but they do not have an organized process of checking. For this reason, they might miss out on important checks that will cost you a lot of money. That's why BeSoji Car Inspections has a system-generated report that the inspector needs to fill out, which guarantees that everything has been checked.

Basic Inspection

The fastest way to get your next car inspected onsite. Instant report right to your inbox!

How To Get a Pre Purchase Inspection In Dubai

Comprehensive Inspection

An in-depth onsite inspection that tells you everything you need to buy worry-free.

Get a Pre Purchase Inspection In Dubai

What you won’t get from your vehicle inspection

Sadly, there are no guarantees.

Although compression and oil checks will give a good idea of a car’s engine condition, there are no guarantees without inspecting the internals. Even an engine in seemingly good condition could still be vulnerable to a timing chain issue or a failing head gasket.

It’s unlikely any company will recommend buying a car. They consider it their job solely to provide a summary of the current state of the car.

How should I choose a pre purchase car inspection?

Checking out reviews is a great place to start. BeSoji has twenty six 5-star ratings, and counting!

What does a pre purchase inspection consist of

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