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LISTEN: The Founder Of BeSoji Talks All Things Buying And Selling Cars

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

On this week’s episode of Dubai Works, a business podcast for Smashi TV, we were joined by Kashif Bhaor, the CEO & Director of BeSoji.

Kashif has been working in the automotive industry his entire career. He worked in sales & marketing for and He was also a journalist for He’s always had a passion for cars so he founded 86 Club UAE which is the largest 86/BRZ Club In the GCC.

During the pandemic, Kashif decided it was time to venture out into the wild world of startups and created BeSoji.

Kashif Bhaor dives into the Automotive industry and what it’s like to be the founder of BeSoji Kashif Bhaor and Richard FitzGerald discuss how the automotive industry is one that needs to rebuild people’s faith in as scams have given it a bad name.

BeSoji is a UAE-based startup that’s changing how people buy cars. They not only inspect vehicles at the seller’s location, they test drive on your behalf and work on providing service contracts and extended warranties. This means you can now buy a car from anywhere in the world and have a warranty to back you up. They are slowly but surely rebuilding people’s trust in the automotive industry.

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